A Policeman who spoke to Princess Diana on her deathbed has blasted the “DIY” security team who failed to prevent the road traffic accident in which she died

Daniel Bourdon discounts all conspiracy theories about an assassination as “fantasy”, saying that the tragic royal should still be alive today.

His words will be another blow to Mohammed Al-Fayed, the multi-millionaire businessman whose staff were directly responsible for Diana’s safety on August 31 1997.

A drunk driver, Henri Paul, drove the Mercedes which crashed into an underpass wall in central Paris, killing himself, the Princess, and her lover, Dodi Al-Fayed.

Dodi’s father, Mr Al-Fayed, has always claimed that Diana was murdered by British secret agents under the orders of the Royal Family.

I never thought that she was going to die. It was when I saw the defeated doctors leaving the block that I knew she was lost

Daniel Bourdon
But numerous investigations have found zero evidence to support such claims – ones which have now been further debunked in Mr Bourdon’s new book, ‘Diana: That Night’.

In it, Mr Bourdon recounts how he was one of the members of the Paris Criminal Brigade ordered to guard the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital, where Diana was taken straight after the crash.

“Along with my team, we were ordered to secure the ground floor of the Salpetriere hospital. It was especially necessary to stop a paparazzi stealing a photo,” he said in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper.

Beyond driver Mr Paul, Diana had been in the care of a single bodyguard called Trevor Rees-Jones, a former British soldier who was badly injured in the crash but survived.

“The Princess did not have a level of security and protection that an icon like her deserved,” said Mr Bourdon. “It was DIY, and that allowed a chain of circumstances that had a tragic outcome.”

Mr Bourdon said Diana had been so badly injured in the accident that it was “impossible to save her”.

“And yet,” he said. “I never thought that she was going to die. It was when I saw the defeated doctors leaving the block that I knew she was lost.”

It was while guarding Diana’s body in the hospital morgue that Mr Bourdon spoke to her, thinking most of all about her young sons, the princes William and Harry.

“In this room, I thought about her children, abut mine. Later, there was an echo of Diana’s exit in my own life because the mother of my first wife, the mother of my children, also died in a road traffic accident.”

Referring to Diana, Mr Bourdon said: “I stayed at her side for 15 minutes. It was a poignant moment. Her face was magnificent.

“It was like she was sleeping. I spoke to her. I told her how sad I found her fate. I felt such a feeling of waste.”

Mr Paul had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, and was speeding in an attempt to evade paparazzi at the time of the crash.

Following consideration of allegedly new evidence last year, Scotland Yard again rejected the possibility that the SAS was involved Diana’s death.

A legal source close to Mr Al-Fayed insisted that “everything possible” had been done to protect Diana’s safety on the night she died, and that the conspiracy theories were “still valid”.

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