How Will You Remember 2020?

As time continues and months pass, we find ourselves faced with pressing challenges all differing from one another in separate ways. Although we are only now beginning the sixth month of this year, it seems that the world has been confronted with a series of varying obstacles, seemingly intent on both the division and unification of people both nationwide and worldwide. 

Allow me to explain.

The year started out with significant wildfires devastating most of the continent of Australia. There were billions of confirmed and suspected animal deaths accompanied by a significant number of casualties as well. Millions of acres of land were decimated, leaving no trace of life or fertile ground for vegetation to repopulate in the near future.

Later, rumors of World War III surfaced, as tensions grew between Iran and the United States of America when President Trump confirmed the assassination of one of Iran’s head military generals. Preparations for war began on both sides, but an equilibrium was found later, which cooled the tides of turmoil and brought at the very least temporary peace between these two nations.

Although these two events are different in nature and effected the populous in diverse ways, they seemed to bring the world together as a whole. Welfare was supplied to Australia from countries all over the world, and privately owned companies began to make donations to protect and provide for the residences effected by this natural disaster. The rumors of World War III brought attention to our political endeavors and united the residents of the United States as well.

However, by far the largest dividing factor of 2020 came in the form of a pandemic, Covid-19. Quarantines were placed worldwide, and mass graves were dug in Italy. Families mourned, and social distancing regulations were set to provide for the health of citizens.

Although these regulations distanced us physically, another unification began as the simplicity of life was taken away. As a community we no longer took for granted the privileges that we’d been blessed with. However, as the destruction and danger of Corona virus started to subside at the end of May, the tragic murder of George Floyd took place, sparking a revolution across all 50 states of America.

Protests were conducted in every single state, promoting equality between all races and justice for George Floyd. Initiated but not supported by those seeking justice, these aforementioned peaceful protests lead to rioting, looting, and the initial need for a military police force and riot control to be mobilized.

As we now wait to see the results of these trying times we’re living in, here are a few more current events that have been or were shadowed by the larger scale events we’ve already discussed. Only a few weeks ago NASA publicly announced their confirmation of intelligent life and labelled them “Aliens, a large oil spill occurred in the Arctic and put Russia into a state of emergency, and China has rolled armed forces into India. With so much already underway in only six months, we wait in anxious patience to see what the second half of the year will bring us.

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